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With Watteau-art on all sides very lavishly shapes , this can one valuable pieces.  
On the lower part one circulation-finishes Watteau-scene, just as on the underside.  
The inside of the cover presents the erotically ,sensual representation  "Louise O´Murphy" of F.Boucher. 
Massif-gold encloses tender blooms in the underside of the can.

Size: 2,5 in.

Sea landscape after C.J.Vernet 
on the canned-cover. 
" Harbor-opinion in the morning ", 
in a rich edge with burnish-gold embellished. 
Lower part, with florals and insects after Maria, 
Sybilla Merian and small gold-roccaillen.

Size: H. 1 1/2 in. ,W. 3 1/4 in. ,D. 3 in.

The horse-portrait!
Can with one " horse and Rider " shape in finest copper-engraving-manner .
Tender blooms supple adorn that lower part of the can.

Size:  H. 1 1/4 in., W. 3 in., D. 2 in.

Can   8 angular
" The ride of the prince Wilhelm"  
after F.Krüger, the motive of the cover-part is .
That lower part is embellished with a rich gold-ornament.

Size: H. 1 1/4 in. cm, W. 3 1/4 in., D. 3 1/4 in.

For the observer, it is magnifying glass-art, the 
sea-landscapes on this small can. , 
The cover-part is framed with burnish-gold in purple. On the lower part, one is, finest sea landscape circulation-finishes represented in purple.

Size: H. 2 in. ,W. 2 in. 

City-opinion of Hamburg in traditional copperplate-similar manner painted. , on the cover of this flat can, 
That lower part of the can simple with a
burnish-gold-edge embellishes. 

Size:  H. 1 1/4 in., W. 5 1/4 in., D. 4 in.

A very personal gift! 

Finest portraiture on a small pill-can. 
The color-surfaces are hand-made. That lower part is embellished with a fine burnish-gold-border.

Size:  2 in.

Tobacco box   oval
Chinoiseries after J.G.Höroldt,
on rich gold rocaille, with purple - Chinese-landscape in the framed sign, on front - and rear. 

Size:   2 1/4 in

Teabox with Old German  Landscape around the box as endles picture
With rich gold borders.

Size:  3,5 in.

Finest magnifiing glass painting on at a small tabacco box. 
Typical Bavarian landscapes.
Without magnifiing glasses painting.

Size:  2 in.

Finest magnifiing glass painting on a small pill-box. 
Monochrom painting in Sepia. The scene of the lid is framed with a fine engraving matt gold
Without magnifiing glasses painting.

Size:  1 1/4 in.

Dutch Winterlandscape  on a  oval box lid. Finest miniature painting. That lower part is embellished with a christrose  ornament

painter: Joerg Kugelmeier
Size:  3 in.

Finest traditional landscape painting 
Two scenes with landscape painting an the site decoration with old flower painting. With rich gold borders.

painter: Joerg Kugelmeier
Size:  5 in.

For saisons
Tea caddy  with birds and landscape scenes .

painter: Petra & Joerg Kugelmeier
Size:  6 in.