prix d`Exellence Lyon 2015 peinture sur porcelaine - Kugelmeier
Prix d´Exellence - Peinture sur Porcelaine - Lyon 2015

school room 
art school Kugelmeier in Lenggries Germany

Book presentation - Harmony on prcelain -Kugelmeier Titel:      Harmony on porcelain
             porcelain painting of Petra & Joerg Kugelmeier

In this book, we show a wide range of our work.
Porcelain painting traditional to modern.

Authors: Petra und Jörg Kugelmeier
Pages:   100
Cover:    Hardcover
Format:  29 x 21 cm  / 11 3/4 x 8 1/2 inch
Languages: English/French/German
photos:   ca. 110 in color

Euro ;
order No: L 002

Harmony on Porcelain -  porcelain painting by Petra & Joerg Kugelmeier

#: L 002   39,00 EURO    (bank transfer, Pay Pal)

Titel:      porcelain painting–
             Tradition and imagination      
Authors: Petra und Jörg Kugelmeier
Pages:   96
Cover:    Hardcover
Format:  20 x 21
Languages: English/German
photos:   ca. 120 in color

ISBN:     978-3-938532-05-8
Euro 29,90 (netto Euro 27,94);
order No: L 001

Paint courses
Are you interested in learning the fine art of porcelain painting or perfecting your technique. We offer courses for beginning and advanced students.

Our old seminar room in Lenggries
NEW! We moved to saxonia.
new photos asap

- Paint courses in our Studio until 6 students
- Groupe seminars until 8 people also in your studio 
- Topic instructions step by step in 4
days seminars
 Bird painting , traditionel Landscapes ......... personal motive-wishes

Painting course registration:
E-mail :
Fax     : + 49 (0)3733 6784026

art school Kugelmeier in Lenggries Germany

Schedule for seminars and exhibitions

YouTube - Petra Kugelmeier Movies to our fine art painting
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Castle vase with flower painting - 2020
YouTube - Movie

Winter scene on a porcelain bell - 2016
YouTube - Movie

"Nyx" porcelain picture painted by Petra Kugelmeier  Jan/2016
YouTube Movie

TV-Report "Bavaria tour - Porcelain painting Petra & Jörg Kugelmeier" April 2010
YouTube Movie  German language

Hyacinth macaw - Petra Kugelmeier
YouTube - Movie

Book #2  - "Harmony on porcelain" by Petra and Joerg Kugelmeier
YouTube - Movie

Mixing powder paints with fat oil and clove oil for brush work
YouTube - Movie   english-french-german